Participants’ Comments

ALAMEDA HEALTH SYSTEM (AHS), August – December 2015

E.K., Alameda: The program helped me to increased awareness of how stress, diet and exercise all come together to impact my personal wellness.

 T.T., Highland: I learned in classes and coaching sessions how my eating habits and types of food I eat affect my blood sugar levels. I noticed a difference in my energy levels and also I seem to be satisfied and not excessively hungry at meals by eating more protein and healthy snacks throughout the day. I was able to provide an example to my family and have observed positive changes in their eating habits as well.

 C.D., Alameda: I use Zucchini/Squash to replace noodles in many of my dishes. I also make sure the dishes are more balanced and have at least some sort of vegetable as a side dish. I loved coaching! My coach was excellent and caring!

 A.D., Fairmont: Coaching and classes helped me to become more mindful about eating without the TV, getting outside to walk, and exploring new healthier food options at the supermarkets and Trader’s Joes. I am more optimistic, feeling better about my ability to make positive lifestyle changes.

 S.T., Highland: I loved the classes and coaching – learning about healthy food, stress management and gentle stretches helped a lot my mom and myself.

 F.W., Fairmont: I learned how to be more mindful during meal times and during stressful time at work.

 C.J., Fairmont: I enjoyed the recipe ideas and that we actually got to taste the food. I like that they included all aspects of health. Being healthy is about more than food. It includes movement, and stress management as well. The class was very engaging, and very interesting. I looked forward to class because I knew I would learn something new. Very beneficial program! I loved the support! My coach was very patient, kind and so helpful. I felt she genuinely cared about my health. I definitely enjoyed coaching and found it to be the most helpful part of the program. My weight has improved and my attitude and outlook is more positive. Thanks a million for this series. Looking forward to more.

 Y.E., Fairmont: I loved all the fabulous recipes! I have lost some weight. I have a more positive attitude since I feel better overall. I am better able to manage stressful situations and practice breathing or movement exercises to feel less stressed out. The Bauman Wellness Program would definitely be helpful to my coworkers or friends. Some of my coworkers and friends could benefit by learning ways to deal with stress with breathing and movement exercises. On a daily basis, my coworkers experience a lot of job conflicts and stress! Maybe early Spring or early Summer may improve attendance rates.

H.P., San Leandro: I enjoyed learning about new healthy recipes to make at home. I learned about news ways to relieve internal stress. I have found that I have been able to sleep more soundly at night. I have been trying to eat more fish, and replace juice drink with tea. I think this program needs better advertising to boost the attendance. Last year attendance was very high.

C.D., San Leandro: I loved the recipes and learned how to use herbs that I never thought to use before. I loved the weekly check-ins and encouragement from my coach. My coach was not only looking out for me, but my family as well. I have added more vegetables and color to my meals. I take note a lot more on how much I ate, so I don’t go back for seconds. By making some slight healthier changes in our meals, my family has made awesome improvements in health! My mom’s liver counts are back in the normal range, and both my husband and I have lost 15 lbs each.

ALAMEDA HEALTH SYSTEM (AHS), July – December 2014

E.P, Highland: “Making small changes had big effect on how I feel and function! I loved learning about different healthy foods. I loved tasting delicious food samples in each class and I tried making them at home. I’m eating new types of healthy foods. I’d like my husband and my coworkers to attend the next series of classes.”

K.B, Highland: “I’m so excited that I lost weight while attending the program and learning how to eat and live healthier! Bauman Wellness instructors shared lots of great tools and tips and provided lots of support during coaching sessions. I have dramatically changed my diet and lifestyle habits. Small changes made a huge difference in how I feel. I’m sleeping better and my energy level is better. Eating and wellness is a journey – an ongoing program would be very helpful! Improvements in well being definitely help to improve work environment.”

J.R, San Leandro: “Being in a group of participants was very helpful. I made new friendships and felt supported and comfortable sharing my challenges and successes. Each class had lots of fun, eye opening experiences. ”

L.S, Highland: “I reduced consumption of refined sugars and non organic dairy. Started meditation practice daily for 10 minutes in afternoon. I have better sleep and better attitude toward life. My stress levels have decreased. I would absolutely love having more classes: it’s an exciting journey and I feel I only scratched the surface. I’m reading labels and ingredients. Coaching was supportive and very gentle. ”

F.W, Highland: “ I enjoyed learning new stress management techniques. My stress levels decreased and I have more energy. I think learning about mindfulness was the best part of the program.”

J.P, Highland: “I learned how to be more accountable and mindful in daily life. Coaching was great! I felt the participants had created a support network for each other at work. I loved learning about new cooking ideas.”

J.C, Highland: “I learned how to keep my blood sugar balanced! I started using more of healthy ingredients in a creative way. I fell better overall and more confident that I can take care of myself! I learned that cinnamon can help with blood sugar balance and I use it now more often.”

R.Y, Highland: ”I’m eating more whole grains and spices – my meals are more delicious and healthy. I learned so many different ways about how to take care of myself. My cravings for sweets have decreased!”

S.E, Highland: “I learned about gluten and I’m reading labels more carefully. I was glad to learn many recipes that are affordable, delicious, and made out of healthy ingredients.”

S.T, Highland: “ I loved food samples and healthy recipes. I’m cooking better at home for my family and I lost weight.” Y.E, Highland: “I loved tasting healthy the recipes and appreciate Bauman Cookbook. I’m more mindful of food choices. I feel more relaxed and better prepared to deal with stress.”

S.H, Highland: “I loved coaching! I’d like to continue it and learn more about how to make healthy meals. My attitude and mood improved.”

M.S, San Leandro: “I enjoyed learning and practicing eating healthier foods. I lost weight. I love “Sweet Spice of Life!”

M.F, San Leandro: “I loved learning about healthy food which is good for me. I loved feeling supported during weekly coaching sessions. I’m eating smaller portions and I have better energy.”

J.B, San Leandro: “ I loved learning about healthy foods that I could try making at home.”

M.S, San Leandro: “ I’m eating more spices and using deep breathing to deal with stress at work. I lost 3.6 lbs and feel more energy.”

D.M., Fairmont: “Coaching really helped me to deal with work stress. I improved my breakfast choices and started moving more during the day. I lost 7.6 lbs! I would like to see more AHS staff attending this program in the future.”

B.J, Fairmont: “ I learned and practiced simple and easy to use stress management tools. They helped me to feel relaxed and less anxious. I’m practicing deep breathing and mindful and slow eating. I loved learning about nutrients in food. I lost 4 lbs.”

C.W, San Leandro: “I lost 6.8 lbs! My mood is better. I’m eating healthier, moving more and feeling happy.”

D.M, Fairmont: “ I lost several pounds and my energy level is better.”

E.E, Newark: “I enjoyed learning about healthier food and lifestyle choices. I lost weight. My coaching experience was excellent! More AHS employees could join the program!”

R.M, Alameda: “I loved my coaching experience. I got lots of emotional support. I feel great. Coworkers told me I have a better posture. I lost about 5 lbs. I feel like all employees need to attend this program”.

L.K, Alameda: “ I enjoyed learning how to be more health conscious. The Bauman Cookbook has lots of easy to make recipes – I tried some. Coaching helped me to feel motivated, encouraged, and accountable. I’m looking forward to continuation of this program. I would encourage all AHS employees to attend it.”

M.K, Fairmont: “Working with a coach is the best benefit of this program! Please, continue coaching!”

ALAMEDA HEALTH SYSTEM (AHS), January – April 2014

S.W, San Leandro: “I learned that I deserve to treat myself in a very best way! I started cooking at home 2-3 times a week. My daughter attended the BW program as a family member and now we cook together. Thank you so much for being non-judgmental!”

C.S, Newark: “I experienced the value of organic foods on my own body! I feel happier, I’ve lost weight, and my belly is shrinking. I’m making smoothies with spinach and flax seeds every day for myself and my family. I love BW program!”

R.O, Newark: “I’ve been watching all 6 virtual classes and it changed the way how I eat and live! I’ve lost 7 pounds, I refrain from processed foods, I meditate daily and I realized I have to be more conscious about food choices. I want to encourage all employees at Newark to benefit from BW program, I want to be an advocate for Bauman Wellness because it really works and it’s not hard!”

G.A, San Leandro: “I started exercising on elliptical for the first time in my life. I started 5 minutes a day and progressed to 10-15 minutes a day. I replaced daily coffee with herbal teas and started eating more vegetables. Over the course of 12 weeks, I lost 15 pounds, my blood sugar went down to 97, triglycerides went down from 1200 to 450, and both HbA1c and LDL improved. Thank you!”

M.F, San Leandro: “I started cooking more at home on weekends and making more salads for work. Drinking diluted apple cider vinegar with water and honey daily helped me to reduce my cravings for sweets and curb my appetite. I lost 2.2 pounds and I feel more satiated with less food!”

S.C, San Leandro: “Learning about better snacks helps me to stay satiated with yogurt, almonds, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, and dried mangoes. I’m growing my own raspberries to always have a healthy snack or dessert! I’m very excited that all my lab results have remained in normal range!”

J.B., Newark: “The information on GMOs was eye opening! All employees should hear it again and again!”

Anonymous, Highland: “This BW program will benefit the whole organization. I’d like to see senior management attending the BW classes and becoming more engaged in health!”

P.A, Eastmont: I learned how I can be more mindful about my habits. It would be great for the program to continue.”

C.H, Highland: “I have enjoyed learning more about different types of foods that I don’t eat and learning how to incorporate them in my diet. Also like having someone to help keep me accountable for my goals that I set. I have seen is my improved commitment to working out. Definitely, people who are wanting to make healthy changes would benefit from this program. I have enjoyed one on one coaching: it helps me stay committed to making the changes that I truly desire for myself.”

S.B, Highland : “As a result of my change of lifestyle (eating habits, exercise) I find that I have more energy. I feel really motivated to continue my lifestyle change and can see more weight loss and greater improvement in my health in the future. I received a lot of information regarding different foods, herbs and spices and how they pertain to a healthy lifestyle and also how movement and exercise contributes to your health. I have made drastic changes in the types of foods that I eat and the amount of food that I eat and increased the amount of exercise that I do. I had some modest weight loss and increased energy. My moods have improved as well. I have recently been having trouble sleeping, but that seem to be resolving itself. My blood sugars have greatly improved and I hope my next lab tests show improvement. I felt that our coaching sessions were very productive and informative. They help to motivate me and keep me focused.”