Bauman Wellness is one of the leading companies in the fields of holistic health and nutrition education. Our faculty is dedicated to the promotion of wellness and the health of our communities.

Our instructors have unparalleled experience in holistic training, clinical work, and scientific research. They have varied national and international experience with backgrounds as diverse as law, medicine, molecular biology, psychology, and integrative disciplines like Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and more.


Nataliya BryantsevNataliya Bryantsev

RN, Doctor of Medicine (Russia), Doctor of Natural Health
Holistic Nutrition Consultant
Certified Yoga Teacher

Nataliya is a Yoga instructor, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, raw food teacher and Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® by NANP. She completed a Holistic Nutrition program at Bauman College and Doctor of Natural Health program at Trinity School. Nataliya didn’t finish full U.S. Medical Licensure process and does not practice medicine.

She teaches clients how whole foods, Yoga and spiritual practice can restore optimal metabolism and vitality. In her free time, Nataliya explores new delicious recipes and enjoys gardening and dancing. 

Contact:  BeingInBestHealth.com, baumanwelllness@gmail.com


Jennifer CaroffJennifer Caroff

MA, Marriage and Family Therapist
Natural Chef

Jennifer Caroff is a Natural Chef and Health Coach. She holds a Marriage and Family Therapy license and has worked with elementary-aged children teaching creative movement classes and providing somatic counseling for children with ADHD and other social, emotional, and learning challenges. Jennifer’s goal as a Natural Chef and Health Coach is to educate and inspire children and adults to make healthy food choices and lifestyle habits that support optimal health, energy, healing and fun!

Jennifer is a graduate of Bauman College’s Natural Chef training and holds an MA in Somatic Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies and is a CA-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT).



BeWellness-SarahHeadshot-cropSarah Wayne

Certified Nutrition Educator

Sarah Carlson Wayne developed a passion for nutrition and holistic wellness during her long road to healing. Her lack of proper nourishment from childhood through college contributed to severe vitamin & mineral deficiencies, digestive issues, skin problems, massive fatigue, and depression. Through new awareness, discovering her nutrition intuition, and giving her body what it truly needs to thrive she now experiences the abundant energy & health she never thought was possible.

In 2006, Sarah received certification as a Nutrition Educator from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. She serves on the board for The Health Medicine Forum and runs the Kids In Action healthy lifestyle program for kids & teens with symptoms of autonomic dysfunction & metabolic syndrome. She has taught clean eating & living classes all across the San Francisco Bay Area. A dynamic nutrition coach, she incorporates Reiki & quantum energy healing to bring about positive change on a cellular level for her clients. Sarah brings guidance to those in search of raising their health to a new vibrant level they so deeply deserve.

Contact: bewellnessevolution.com


securedownloadLynn Pulino

Certified Personal Trainer
Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Lynn helps her clients reach their health goals with whole-foods based nutrition and personalized exercise programs. She is a graduate of Bauman College and a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Lynn is a Certified Gluten Practitioner, a certified personal trainer, and is pursuing a certification in Transformational Coaching Method.

When working with clients, Lynn takes an integrated whole-body approach to health and wellness with both nutrition and exercise. Her coaching typically includes elements of transformational counseling, education, whole-foods based nutrition plans, targeted supplementation and individualized personal training.



LorettaLoretta Allsup

BA Business Administration and Marketing
Certified Nutrition Consultant
Certified Nutritional Educator

Prior to coming to Holistic Nutrition field, Loretta was selling residential real estate and working in high tech software industry as a Vice President of Sales for Legato Systems in Silicon Valley. Experiencing health challenges and dietary changes lead Loretta to pursue her lifelong passion in Nutrition. At Bauman College (2010-2012), Loretta obtained both Nutritional Educator and Nutritional Consultant certificates. Since 2011, Loretta has been working in her own consulting business, NEWtrition4Life, teaching classes on Holistic Nutrition and counseling individuals on healthy diet and lifestyle choices. Her focus is to help people make small improvements that can have a big impact and last a lifetime.

Loretta is passionate about learning, food and health. Recently, she became certified in Immunutrition in Healing Foods, First Line Therapy and as a Gluten Practitioner. In her free time, Loretta enjoys reading, hiking, yoga, eating and traveling with her husband and daughters.



Christine Cully

Natural Chef



Rachel Leigh

Natural Chef

Rachel Leigh is a certified Natural Chef. After graduating from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary arts in Northern California, Rachel worked as a private chef, catering to start-ups and well-known corporations such as Root Music, Google and Nokia. During her tenure as a corporate chef, Rachel began creating custom meal plans for new and expecting mothers she met through her work. In 2012 Rachel herself became a mother, welcoming her beautiful daughter, Sydney Arielle, to the world. Throughout the course of her pregnancy and Sydney’s early development Rachel was surprised to find there was an obvious shortage of readily available, useful information for expecting mothers regarding nutrition and eating a whole food diet. Rachel quickly came up with a solution and launched the food information site “FoodandBaby.com” featuring recipes and tips for a healthy kickstart to motherhood. The site offers videos, delicious, simple recipes and products for mothers looking to ease their way into a healthy nutritional lifestyle, from “seed to sprout.” Rachel currently lives in San Francisco where she focuses her energy on being a mom, working on her site and consulting with new mothers on cooking for pre and postnatal nutrition for the whole family.

Contact:  FoodandBaby.com